The first time Ken and I met for dinner, he wore a green sweater because, he said, it was his favorite color. Shades of Green

On a visit to Longwood Gardens a few years ago, I fell in love with a blue I’m not sure I’d ever seen before, and it pushed my prior preference of purple out of the picture! Periwinkle There are lots of studies and charts that will connect color preferences with personality traits, but they don’t answer the primary (pun, get it?) question of why it’s your favorite.

Because, according to a study conducted by UC-Berkeley, those colors make us happy or transport us to a time or place that brought us pleasure. (I hope that study wasn’t funded with taxpayer money.) Ken’s love of green is likely linked to forests because he feels closest to nature when in the company of trees.I couldn’t have explained why I loved purples and blues so much until I published an essay a few years ago in which I waxed on and on about summer nights as a child in Marshall G’s backyard, watching the waning sun and deepening sky while waiting for the fireflies to appear. But while green and blue are nice, for others those colors may remind them of food going bad.

All of which means that while our color preferences may change throughout our lives, as we experience new and different happiness, the reasons we are drawn to or repelled by certain hues is hardwired.

Now that's orange!  Got a favorite color you’d like to see on your walls?

On July 16, Odell Painting and our NARI and BNI Doylestown II friends helped out an area family in need by sprucing up the interior and exterior of their Glenside home. …And Eyewitness News was there.

Community Service Day in Glenside

Here’s the link to the video:

Well, it’s over. And we’re happy to report the 67th Annual Tinicum Arts Festival was, as usual, a grand success. 13612342_881671735271688_8960999276849866711_nMoments after the photo on the right was taken on set-up day (that’s me, Carla), we had a downpour of Biblical proportions. While we lost a few Book Wagon donations in the deluge, the thousands that survived went on to find happy homes, many belonging to our younger readers from Tinicum Elementary.

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