I think this is a yellow. My wife thinks it’s light orange. Sherwin-Williams calls it “Afterglow.” Whatever color you think it is, it’s the color of the Odell house in Upper Bucks.

There are no other houses remotely near this color that are remotely near us. And that’s why we chose it. After our family spent a week last winter on Treasure Beach, on the southwest coast of Jamaica, we took as many photos of houses as we did of one another. We were looking for a happy color; we were looking for a color that said, “Take that, nasty weather!” Mostly, we were a little tired of telling people, “When you make that left turn, we’re the second white house on the right.” Now when we give directions, we say, “When you make that turn, you’ll know which house is ours.”

While there’s nothing wrong with white, some of my customers are ready to take a spin on the color wheel.

Now this is orange.

And we didn’t stop there….

…or here.

So if you’re
thinking of taking a New Year’s plunge, or, rather, dip…

…call Odell Painting for a color consultation. We’ll find the hue that’s right for you.