elise-1Recently, my wife, Carla, and I attended a 25th-wedding-anniversary party. The still-happy couple had posted photos from their late-1988 wedding. As Carla and I gazed at the shots of the bridal party now a quarter-century old, the “bride” sidled up to us and said, “The pattern on those bridesmaid gowns looks like furniture upholstery on steroids.” Then she walked away. “Well,” Carla said in a hush. “It was the eighties, after all.”

KadelstairsbeforeBridesmaids dresses are like wallpaper. Decades later you may still be in love, but chances are the shiny Victorian red-and-gold striped pattern you put up in your living room will come to feel more like prison stripes…especially if you want to sell your house. Take home-seller Caryn Kadel. She and her husband have owned their Buckingham Township house for 20 years, and for 18 of those years, this is the paper that adorned the kitchen and nook.

“It was dark and busy,” says Caryn. “I loved it.”

But the love ended.

“Honestly, I wanted to take it down five years ago, but when we started seeing the single cosmetic comment that was negative on the feedback, that was enough. Our realtor recommended Odell Painting.”

stairsafterAfter we removed the paper, we applied a warm but neutral color. Now the house appeals more to prospective buyers and the Kadels couldn’t be happier.

“Odell Painting met all of my expectations. I was impressed with their professionalism, friendliness, timeliness, flexibility, follow-up and especially their work!” Caryn says.

So when what went up needs to come down – because your tastes have “moved on” or your family is moving out – give Odell Painting a call.