Thanks to December’s balmy temps, we were able to finish an exterior project in Upper Bucks. (We thought we’d have to wait until spring.) The last details? The five finials that crowned the roof of this late-Victorian gem.

Finials, yes those ornamental doodads and watchamacallits that you put on the ends and tops of things like curtain rods and newel posts. (Ken told me it’s called a newel – you know, that big doodad block thingy at the bottom of the stairway.) …Back to the house.

We rented a high-reach and up we went…


…to find hole-filling and sanding were not going to repair these 1910 adornments.

So we contacted Durham Holtmeier, woodcrafter extraordinaire, in Kinternsville to make new ones.  Click below to see this artist in action.

finial3Last came a light sanding, a slow-dry alkyd primer to penetrate the Spanish cedar and ensure longevity, and four coats of Benjamin Moore “Gargoyle,” a great accent to the house’s new Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter” exterior body color.

Okie dokie. Until next time…
– Ken and Carla