rsz_2fullsizerender-1A few weeks ago we got a call from a woman down county who wanted to paint her new front door. You would think that would be an easy job, but the wood of this Dutch door – even though fresh from the manufacturer – needed a good bit of work, filling in holes and sanding smooth. Now…it’s ready! However, the owner hasn’t chosen a color yet, which got us thinkin’ about revisiting some of our past customers and how we helped them get dressed up for visitors.

rsz_exterior_detail_general3-1We did this door in Ambler awhile back. We can’t find the colors in our records, but you get the idea: a rust-and-mustard combination. Because after giving their scalloped cedar shakes a very colorful update, the door had to match.

rsz_door2-1We painted Mystic Gold and Shelbourne Buff (both Benjamin Moore Historic Colors) on all the trim on this old stone farmhouse in Durham. Both the gold and buff have a tad more brown than the door at left.

rsz_martindoor-1Did we have fun with this! These owners wanted something out-of-the-ordinary for their late 1800s schoolhouse in Doylestown. The entrance screams “Broncos,” but check out the welcome board.

A lot’s been written about what the color of your front door says about you. And we did a lot of research (okay, a bit of googling) and found most sources pretty much agree that red = prosperous/welcoming blue = grounded/peaceful, green = traditional yellow = logical/creative, black = conservative, white = organized, purple = energetic

odell-doorThis is our front door. It’s purple. We ARE energetic…until 9pm or so. We guess this is based in some sort of science, but who cares? For way more on front doors that not only say “Welcome” but “Have Fun!” check out Houzz’s 77 Doors

… Then if your door doesn’t say who you want it to say, give us a call.

Back in May we visited Brian and Joanne at their riverfront home we’d just finished painting, and snapped a shot of a late spring sunrise on the Delaware. As a bookend to the summer season, here’s an early autumn sunset, photographed by Brian, from the same spot.

See you around Halloween!
– Carla, Ken and Darian